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Airplus Extreme Active Gel Insoles

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Airplus Extreme Active Gel Insoles
The Airplus Extreme Active Gel Insoles have been designed with comfort and support in mind. They combine shock absorption and breathability to provide optimal cushioning while helping to relieve pain.

Who Can Benefit from the Extreme Active Gel Insoles?
As the Airplus Extreme Active Gel Insoles provide optimal levels of support and cushioning, they are ideal for anybody looking for ongoing protection while on the move. They will be particularly useful for anybody who often finds pain or discomfort surfacing in the heel or ball-of-foot area.

The insoles also help to absorb shock, making them a perfect choice both for anybody who walks around all day and those who remain seated but would benefit from improved comfort.

Key Features and Benefits
Shock-Absorbing Gel - Gel at the heel and ball-of-foot helps to absorb shock with every step
Improved Hygiene - Breathable properties enhances the hygiene and longevity of each insole
Enhanced Comfort - Cushioning is provided by the gel interior for comfort both while walking and when static
Increased Stability - Gel arch support increases stability for improved performance
Less Cumbersome - More lightweight than solid gel insoles
Personalised Fit - Full-length insoles can be trimmed to size to suit most shoes and footwear
Shock Absorption and Stability
Whether you're taking a stroll through a park or rushing for the bus, your feet are constantly striking against the ground when in motion. This means that they can come under intense and often excruciating pain caused by the shock of the underside of the foot hitting the solid ground.

To help combat this, the Extreme Active Gel Insoles have been designed using gel, with particular emphasis on the heel and the ball-of-foot. As these are the two parts of the foot most affected by the point of impact, these insoles will help to absorb that force. The gel beneath the arch will also improve stability by providing effective arch support.

Cushioning and Breathability
While it's important to manage foot pain, it will also be essential to find a pair of insoles that are also going to be comfortable to wear. With the Airplus Extreme Active Gel Insoles, the gel padding provides a cushioning that is both supportive and comfortable underfoot. This means that, whether you're walking or sitting still, the insoles can significantly improve the comfort of your footwear..

Sizing Information
Shoe insoles can provide optimal support and comfort, but if they don't fit in your shoes then they're not going to be very beneficial. That's why the Airplus Extreme Active Gel Insoles have been designed to allow for trimming. The pair of full-length insoles come in a single size to allow you to trim them down to size, ensuring they can fit in your own shoes as snugly and effectively as possible.

They are also available in both men's and women's options. Your required style can be selected from the drop-down menu at the top of the page.

Trimming Guidelines
Please note that the trim lines on these insoles may be provided in US shoe sizes. Therefore, it is advised that the insoles are progressively trimmed to ensure the best fit.