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Calf Bar

  • Calf Bar
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Calf.Bar gives a deep & effective calf stretch relieving heel pain.
The Calf.Bar is a simple, yet highly effective stretching aid designed to relieve tightness in the calf muscles and relieve heel pain.

Tight calves are the number one cause of heel pain, and can also lead to Achilles tendonitis, plantar fasciitis, shin splints, back pain and muscle pain.

Properly stretched calf muscles will allow you to run, walk and cycle further and faster than ever before.

The Calf.Bar will allow you to:

Simultaneously stretch both calf muscles. Angled design with non-slip surface, for even, stable and safe stretching. No set up required, use straight out of the box. Lightweight & compact. Use at home or in the gym as part of your workout routine.

Overly tight calf muscles are a common problem which many people don’t realise they are suffering from. Anyone who wears high heels, exercises without properly stretching, spends long periods of time on their feet, or is recovering from an ankle or leg fracture is at risk of tight calf muscles.

Tight calf muscles put an excessive burden on the foot and knee, leading to pain and increased chance of injuries.

How to Use the Calf.Bar

The CB Calf bar is ready to use straight out of the box. Place the calf bar on the floor, with the CB logo facing away from you. Stand up straight, keep your heels on the floor and rest the balls of your feet on the sloped sections of the Calf Bar with your shoes still on. Extend the toes further over the edge of the Calf Bar for a higher level of stretching, or closer to the edge for a lighter stretch. We recommend five repetitions of 60 second stretches several times per day, depending on age and severity of pain. Consult a medical professional for further advice. For a lighter stretch, rotate the calf bar to reduce its height.