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Clinisept+ Prep & Procedure 500ml (Unboxed for in clinic use)

  • Clinisept+ Prep & Procedure 500ml (Unboxed for in clinic use)
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Unboxed , so just bottle and pump nozzle supplied.
Clinisept has been comprehensively tested by independent laboratories to prove its efficacy and safety.
Highly effective antimicrobial cleansing:

BS EN 1040
BS EN 1275
BS EN 1276
BS EN 13727
BS EN 1650
BS EN 13704
Proven skin safety:

Non-irritant to skin
Non-irritant to eyes
Non cytotoxic.
Effective skin cleansing is arguably the most important aspect of any aesthetic procedure, but there have been few meaningful developments in this field for many years – until now.

Clinisept Plus is a ground-breaking technology which brings significant benefits over existing medical skin disinfectants and pre-procedure cleansers.

The Clinisept Plus products deliver a unique combination of greater protection against infection before, during and after aesthetic procedures, as well as far better skin compatibility than existing medical cleansers – actually aiding the healing process by providing an ideal environment for skin regeneration.

Clinisept Plus represents a new standard of ‘best practice’ safety, that, combined with the additional benefits that Clinisept Plus brings to patient outcomes, makes this a step change product that should be adopted by all professional clinics.