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Gehwol Fusskfraft Nail & Skin Foot Protection Spray 50ml

  • Gehwol Fusskfraft Nail & Skin Foot Protection Spray 50ml
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The ingredients work to provide protection well as promoting the ability of the skin and nails to bind with water.
Panthenol and Vitamin E acetate promote regeneration and improves elasticity of nails and skin --- 0.4% Clotrimazol effectively treats most cases of athlete‘s foot. ---- Bisabolol and Clotrimazol helps protect skin and nails against fungal infection
The dosing valve provides easy, precise, and economical application, releasing exactly the right quantity of oil between the toes. The valve comfortably distributes the easily spreading oil onto the nail, underneath the nail and into the spaces between the toes.
Cares for the skin --- Promotes Elasticity --- Cures most cases of athlete's foot --- Dermatologically tested
Shake can well before use. Clean the affected area and dry thoroughly. Spray a layer over the affected area twice daily (morning and night)