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Orthosole 3/4 Max Cushion Mens

  • Orthosole 3/4 Max Cushion Mens
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Orthosole Max Cushion Women's 3/4 Insole
The Orthosole Max Cushion Women's 3/4 Insoles are a pair of completely customiseable insoles. Each pair of insoles come with a selection of arch and metatarsal support pads that can be altered and swapped to achieve a custom fit. The 3/4 Max Cushion Women's OrthoSole Insoles come with removable pads providing 6 different support combinations enabling the wearer to completely customise the insole to their needs. Orthosole Max Cushion Women's 3/4 Insoles are designed to accommodate a specific type of foot and body and it is the only insole on the market with customizable arch and metatarsal supports.

OrthoSole Insoles provide the ideal level of support under the foot, improving the body’s balance and alignment and better weight distribution. This stable base helps reduce body aches and pains to helps aids better performance in physical activity.

Features of the Orthosole Max Cushion Women's 3/4 Insole
3/4 length to fit into more types of footwear
Completely customiseable insoles
6 different support combinations in one insole
Each insole contains 3 arch pads and 2 metatarsal pads
Improves weight distribution, cushion and protection to the ball of the foot
Helps stabilise ankle joints during foot strike
Provides support, control and alignment to the foot and body
Who Can Benefit From OrthoSole Max Cushion Insoles?
Many different people can benefit from the cushioning and support offered the the 3/4 Max Cushion Women's Insoles. Anyone who feels they need cushioning and arch or metatarsal (front of foot) support would benefit from wearing these insoles. The OrthoSole Insoles are also suitable for people suffering from a range of foot conditions, some of these are listed below.

Knee Pain - Improved foot positioning will improve knee alignment and reduce pain
Back Pain - Support and cushioning materials work together to evenly distribute body weight and reduce stress and shock to the lower back
Foot Pain - Metatarsal support alleviates ball of foot pain
Ankle Pain/Over Pronation - Improved foot position will improve ankle alignment
Heel Pain - Triple layer cushioning protects and absorbs shock to heel
Plantar Fasciitis - Arch pad gives support to the arch of the foot, firmest arch piece is recommended
Shin Splints - Insoles will help align foot into the optimal position, reduces excessive traction forces that cause pain and inflammation

The Orthosole FIT Advantage
With the Max Cushion Ortholse Insoles there are two kinds of adjustment for a perfect fit, MICRO ADJUSTMENTS and MACRO ADJUSTMENTS:

Micro Adjustments: Micro Adjustments are acheived through Orthosole's exclusive heat and pressure-sensitive PORON Urethane layer. Relief of foot pressure points to make feet, legs and body feel great. Conforms to the shape of the foot for a personalised fit.

Macro Adjustments: Macro Adjustments are achieved through Orthsole's Adjustable Support System using the Arch Pad and Metatarsal Pad:

Arch Pad: Provides support,control and alignment of your foot and body for better bio-mechanical performance
Metatarsal Pad: Improves weight distribution, cushion and protection to the ball of the foot, reducing impact, stress and body pain

Innovation in Insole Design
The Max Cushion Women's Orthosole Insoles contain 7 layers to make up the Insole:

Top Cover: Moisture wicking nylon fibres keep feet cooler, drier and more comfortable. Abrasion resistant for longer insole life. Antimicrobial for fighting foot odour and helping prevent bacterial fungus and growth

Poron Urethane: Heat and pressure sensitive layer conforms to the shape of the foot. Optimises distribution of weight to prevent pressure concentrations in weight bearing areas of the foot

Eva: Ultra-light foam for superior cushioning while walking and running

Heel Chasis: Thermoplastic component that helps stabilise the ankle joints during foot strike. Properly guides the foot during every ground contact from heel to toe

Gel Heel Insert: Eases impact during heel strike while walking and running

Eva Arch Pad: Provides support, control and alignment for the foot and body

Eva Metatarsal Pads: Improves weight distribution, cushion and protection to the ball of the foot

Washing Instructions
Hand wash the top layer with mild soap and lukewarm water. Air dry. Do not machine wash as this can distort the insoles shape and structure. Do not Bleach or iron.

Durability of OrthoSole Insoles
On average OrthoSole Insoles should last approximately 12 months if worn on a daily basis. It will depend on the type of activity you pracitice, body weight, type of shoe and environment they are used in. We recommend replacing your insoles every 12 months or when you buy new shoes.

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