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3M Transpore Surgical Tape, Hypoallergenic, Transparent

  • 3M Transpore Surgical Tape, Hypoallergenic, Transparent
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Transpore consists of an extensible, perforated plastic film composed of low density polyethylene, coated with a layer of an acrylic adhesive. The perforations in the tape serve a dual function: they allow the passage of water vapour from the skin (reducing the possibility of maceration and bacterial proliferation), and allow the tape to be torn easily in both directions.
Transpore can be worn in the bath or shower, but after exposure to wet conditions it should be patted dry with a towel. The permeability of the tape is such that its performance is unlikely to be significantly affected by sweating.
Transpore elasticity and flexibility makes it well suited for securing dressings on areas that are subject to movement, and for securing catheters, and anaesthetic and other forms of surgical tubing. As the tape is coated with an acrylic adhesive system, it may generally be used on patients who have exhibited an adverse reaction to adhesives containing rubber, or resin.
Transpore should (like most tapes) be used with caution on patients who have very fragile skin, such as those on long-term steroid therapy.
Due to the elasticity of the tape care should be taken to ensure that it is not applied under tension (which could cause damage to the skin by exerting a shearing force).
As with all adhesive products, Transpore should be stored in a dry place, and not subjected to extreme temperature