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Epitact Corrective Orthosis

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Corrective orthosis can easily fit in all kinds of shoes thanks to its flexible and ultra thin patented design.
The patented external tendon in silicone EPITHELIUM™ FLEX enables the straightening-up of the big toe ansd also enable the absorption of pressures on the bunion and thus relieve pain.
The EPITHELIUM™ patch creates a comfortable end-stop with the shoe-support and thereby allows pushing the 1st metatarsal back.
The extra thin metatarsal bangle of contention shall inhibit the squashing and the widening of the forefoot.
Machine-washable at 40°C. A long lasting life span.The correction level can be adjusted, exerting more or less tension on the tendon.
Fits all kinds of shoes and in contrast to rigid orthoses it acts on all factors aggravating the deformity.
Should not be used if the big toe cannot move laterally. Washable, re-useable and long lasting.

1 per pack, can be used on left or right foot. To correct and limit the development of Hallux valgus (bunion) while relieving joint pains. Measurement across the metatarsal head: Small=21.5cm, Medium=23cm , Large=24.5cm.