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Gehwol Med Lipidro Cream

  • Gehwol Med Lipidro Cream
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Gehwol Med Lipidro Cream - Tube
Intensive care for dry and sensitive skin
Available in 75ml and 125ml Tubes or the Large 500ml Pump Dispenser

The tried and tested composition balances the hydrolipids of the skin. Dry skin becomes smooth and soft. Cracked and flaking skin disappears. The high quality ingredients such as buckthorn oil, avocado oil, urea and algae extract compensate the lack of lipids and moisture and naturally balance the protective properties of the skin.

Sea buckthorn oil and avocado oil with a high amount of unsaturated fatty acids supply dry skin with the lipids it lacks and thus prevents the loss of moisture through evaporation. This effect is supported by a special algae extract.

Free from fragrances.
Soothes inflammation and balances lipids.
Urea binds water in the deep skin layers while calluses are softened and excessive reformation is reduced.
Allantoin, extracted from horse chestnut, promotes regeneration of the skin.
Farnesol has an anti-bacterial and deodorising effect which helps protect against itching, inflammation and fungal infections.

Dermatologically tested
Suitable for diabetics / sensitive skin