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Gehwol Med Nail Softner Oil

  • Gehwol Med Nail Softner Oil
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Gehwol Med Nail Softener - 15ml
The GEHWOL med Nail Softener softens hard nails more flexible and helps to prevent them growing inwards.

The GEHWOL med Nail Softener works to soften hard skin or cornification quickly and carefully and alleviates discomfort with ingrown nails. Dry cuticles that tend to tear are quickly softened and can then be gently pushed back. As a result the painful pressure of the nail on the nail bed is alleviated.

Helps to prevent ingrowing toe nails
Bisabolol, one of the active ingredients, helps to prevent redness and irritation.
Maintains nail and cuticle elasticity
After consulting with a podiatrist, Gehwol Med Nail Softener can also be used as a preparation treatment to soften the nails, prior to an ingrown toe nail procedure.