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Gehwol Nail Compound 15ml - Repairing Strengthen Nails

  • Gehwol Nail Compound 15ml - Repairing Strengthen Nails
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For beautifying, protecting and repairing your finger- and toenails. GEHWOL Nail Compound is to be used to smoothen uneven nail surfaces, strengthen broken nails, fixating artificial nails and for the treatment of onychomycosis (one of the most common fungal nail infections). GEHWOL Nail Compound is strongly adhesive, durably resilient and gives the nails a beautiful and natural appearance. Nail polish may be used additionally.

Strengthening the nail or preparing a protective partial replacement nail is suitable for many nail problems:

• for replacing the parts of the nail removed during treatment of fungal infections of the nail

• after removal of corns beneath the nail

• for broken, torn, sharp-edged or thin nails

• when the nails are too short or are damaged

• as a result of damage to the nail bed

A partial artificial nail made of GEHWOL Nail Compound can be produced easily and without a costly plaster model. The elastic, breathable material protects the nail bed from mechanical damage. It also incorporates a disinfectant to prevent inflammation and further fungal infection. GEHWOL Nail Compound produces a cosmetically perfect and visually "normal" nail that grows with the natural nail and can be cut, filed, cared for and varnished as required. Replacing missing nail parts helps to prevent deformities of the nail bed or toenail and stabilise the residual nail. This helps to avoid subsequent damage, such as growth disorders caused by the protruding distal nail wall or hard skin on the nail bed. The nail can grow on unhindered.

Follow-up treatment: To protect the parts of the nail not covered in nail compound from fungal infection, the daily application of GEHWOL med Protective Nail and Skin Cream or Skin Oil is recommended. Both products have an antimycotic effect, promoting growth and helping to provide healthy, elastic nails.