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Gehwol Refreshing Balm 75ml

  • Gehwol Refreshing Balm 75ml
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Gehwol Refreshing Balm
Cooling cream for fresh feet
Cares and Deodorises
Available in 20ml and 75ml Tubes

GEHWOL Refreshing Balm immediately revitalises, cools and deodorises your feet and gives you a long-lasting feeling of freshness. The cream gel contains alcohol and after it has been applied to the skin it provides immediate freshness. While the oils of natural peppermint and menthol continue to refresh hot, tired and strainsed feet and legs.
Lipid replacements also help to keep the skin smooth. Climbazole protects from fungal infections of the feet and nails and prevents itching between the toes.

Quickly absorbed and is non-greasy.
Invigorates and refreshes tired, aching feet and legs
Long lasting deodorising effect

Dermatologically Tested