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Gehwol Softening Fluid 15ml

  • Gehwol Softening Fluid 15ml
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Gehwol Softening Fluid - 15ml
For the Care and Treatment of Ingrown Toenails, Calluses and Corns
Gehwol Fluid aids in the removal of corns, ingrown parts of nails and callus with instruments. Beautifies your skin and nails. It makes hard skin smooth and soothes and disinfects irritable skin. Gehwol Fluid provides care for skin and nails and softens hard skin beneath the nail and in the nail fold, so that it can be easily removed without pain.

It provides indispensable aid for working on ingrown toenails, hard skin, corns and in the nail fold. The disinfectant effect helps to prevent inflammation.

Cares for and treats ingrown toenails, calluses and corns
Smoothes hard skin beneath the nail fold
Disinfects irratable skin
Prevents Inflammation and soothes irratable skin