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Hypafix Tape

  • Hypafix Tape
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Hypafix tape is a non-woven fabric layer and adhesive which fixes the dressings in its place. It sticks around the wounded part firmly. It provides an air and moisture vapour environment which reduces the risk of maceration. It is ideal for all types of the skin.

Hypaflix comes in the following different types of sizes:

Hypafix Tape 2.5cm x 10m Pack Size 1
Hypafix Tape 5.0cm x 10m Pack Size 1
Hypafix Tape 10cm x 10m Pack Size 1
Hypafix Tape 15cm x 10m Pack Size 1
Benefits of Hypafix tape

Fixes in all parts of the body
Has a split liner for easy removal of release paper
Can be cut into various shapes
Does not leave any sticky residue on the skin
Helps in dressing the joints
Where to use Hypafix tape?

Use to gauge and retain absorbent pads
Very helpful for post surgical wounds
Ideal to secure catheters and drainage wounds
Where not to use Hypafix?

Avoid using it with dressing when adhesive order is used
Precautions while using Hypafix

The usage should be avoided if the individual is allergic to acrylic adhesive
Should not be applied under pressure
Make sure that it is kept in a cool and dry area to maintain the quality of the adhesive

A retention tape helps in the holding of the wound dressings to stop the infection from spreading. It provides a wide-area fixation for a large post-operative wound dressings, absorbent compresses and gauze. Not only it restricts the contamination of the bacteria, but also provides a greater freedom to the patients while moving their wounded part.