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Laufwunder Nail and Skin Softner 50ml

  • Laufwunder Nail and Skin Softner 50ml
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Laufwunder ( formerly Salu) Nail and skin oil 50ml

Salu Laufwunder Cuticle and Skin Softener - 50ml Softens skin, nails and calluses within minutes

Salu Laufwunder Nail and Skin Softener can be used to help with overlapping and hardened cuticles. With regular use it softens accumulated hard, dead skin cells compacted in the nail grooves. When removing ingrowing nail spurs it softens nail and skin thereby aiding the practitioner and reducing pain.

The special formula with alkali does not oxidise. It is ideal for manicure and pedicures and it is easy to apply. Also can be used as a pre- treatment, softening tissue before cutting nails, especially in-growing nails.

Not Suitable for diabetics / sensitive skin.