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Leukoplast Zinc Oxide Tape

  • Leukoplast Zinc Oxide Tape
  1. £3.99

Leukoplast® is a quality tan coloured zinc oxide tape that has a very high tensile strength but is still hand tearable.

It ensures a high initial and permanent adhesion. Due to the porous coating of the adhesive Leukoplast® is permeable to air thus reducing the risk of maceration (the softening and whitening of skin that is kept constantly wet).

Leukoplast® is water replant so ideal for use in wet or dirty environments such as rugby and football matches. If you require a tape with a higher tensile strength consider Leukotape P Zinc Oxide Tape or Vivotape P Zinc Oxide Tape (one of Vivomed's best selling tapes and less than half the price of Leukotape P).

Main uses
Ankle, shoulder, knee and other joint immobilisation
Fixation of wound dressings on normal skin
Securing of tubes, catheters, probes and cannulae

Leukoplast® contains natural rubber latex which can cause allergies.