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Orthosole Thin Style Men's

  • Orthosole Thin Style Men's
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OrthoSole Max Cushion Shoe Insoles for Women
With a customisable design, the OrthoSole Max Cushion Shoe Insoles for Women recognise that feet need support designed specifically for their own shape and activities. The unique OrthoSole Max Insoles deliver maximum aid with their innovative arch and metatarsal pads, which can be adjusted when required between light, medium and firm support.

These Max Cushion Insoles are sized for women's feet. Please see the OrthoSole Max Cushion Shoe Insoles for Men for the Max Cushion Insoles in a choice of larger sizes.

What's Included?
Each purchase of the insoles includes the following:

1 x Pair of Insoles
1 x Pair of Light Metatarsal Pads
1 x Pair of Medium Metatarsal Pads
1 x Pair of Light Arch Pads
1 x Pair of Medium Arch Pads
1 x Pair of Firm Arch Pads
1 x Storage Bag
How Can These Insoles Help Me?
Widely known to improve the fit of your shoes, insoles are evolving to help with a wide range of issues. The OrthoSole Max Cushion Insoles are suitable for alleviating pain and discomfort caused by the following conditions:

Ankle Pain: They can improve foot positioning and ankle alignment.
Back Pain: Shock from the impact of the feet on hard ground can have a negative effect on the back. The insoles cushion this shock.
Circulation Issues: The insoles work to improve pressure distribution, thus increasing blood circulation in the lower part of the body.
Foot Fatigue/Pain: Reduce swelling, cramping and aching of the foot, as well as pain under the metatarsal bones found in the centre of the feet.
Hip Pain: As the insoles improve foot positioning, they can also improve hip alignment, thus reducing related hip pain.
Overpronation: The arch pad increases support, which works to improve foot stability.
Plantar Fasciitis: Caused by straining your heel bone, plantar fasciitis can be eased with the Max Cushion Insoles.
Policeman's Heel: The firmest comfortable arch piece is recommended to alleviate conditions such as policeman's heel.
Sever's Disease: Pressure is taken away from the heels of the shoe, giving comfort if you suffer with Sever's Disease.
Shin Splints: Common in those who keep fit by running, the pain caused by shin splints can be eased.
Supination: The heel chassis supports the foot as it naturally rolls to prevent supination.
If you have a medical condition such as diabetes, poor circulation, or lack of sensation in your feet, you should consult your doctor before using the Max Comfort Insoles.

What Sizes Are Available?
The OrthoSole Max Comfort Insoles are available in a range of shoe sizes based on UK shoe sizes. Please see the table below for the list of sizes available, then select your required size from the drop-down menu at the top of the page.

Insole Size UK Shoe Size
XX-Small UK Size 1 - 1.5
Extra Small UK Size 2 - 2.5
Small UK Size 3 - 3.5
Medium UK Size 4 - 4.5
Large UK Size 5 - 5.5
Extra Large UK Size 6 - 6.5
XX-Large UK Size 7 - 7.5
XXX-Large UK Size 8 - 8.5
Can I Trim the OrthoSole Insoles?
If you find that the insoles are a little too big for your shoes, they can be trimmed to fit. They are also designed to be used straight out of the box, so trimming is only necessary if you wish to improve the fit in your shoes.

How Do I Customise the Max Comfort Insoles?
The OrthoSole Max Comfort Insoles contain three pairs of arch pads and two pairs of metatarsal pads, and these can be interchanged as required. The pads stick firmly in place wit hook-and-loop fasteners, and can be quickly and easily replaced when required.

Can I Wear Different Levels of Support At the Same Time?
As the arch pads and metatarsal pads are separate pieces, you can wear different levels of support for each area. For example, you could wear firm arch pads with medium metatarsal pads, or medium arch pads with light metatarsal pads.

This allows you to customise each insole to provide the best level of support for you. This means you can change up the support depending on your requirements, your activities, or even your footwear.

How Do the Metatarsal Pads Help?
Located along the middle of the foot, the metatarsal bones are a group of five bones that support the body. For those who maintain an active lifestyle, these bones can cause pain and even become inflamed.

OrthoSole's one-of-a-kind insoles include two pairs of metatarsal pads with the choice of light or medium support. This allows you to switch up the level of support to match your requirements.

With Which Footwear Can I Wear the Insoles?
Due to their high performance design, the Max Cushion Insoles are best paired with looser-fitting shoes. This includes walking boots, work shoes, and wellington boots, as well as trainers or shoes that generally have extra room.

Are The OrthoSole Max Insoles Suitable for Everyday Use?
Optimising everyday support with their maximum support and exclusive design, the Max Cushion Insoles are ideal for all-round use with looser-fitting shoes. Whether heading to work or walking the dog, these are the perfect accessory to keep you on your feet.

For tighter-fitting shoes, we recommend the OrthoSole Women's Lite Style Shoe Insoles.

What Are the OrthoSole Materials?
The OrthoSole Comfort Max Insoles contain seven layers comprising a range of materials to offer optimal support and comfort. The materials are as follows:

Top Cover: Moisture-wicking nylon fibres keep feet cooler, drier and more comfortable. The insoles are also abrasion-resistant for a longer life, as well as antimicrobial for fighting foot odour and helping prevent bacterial fungus and growth.
Poron Urethane: A heat- and pressure-sensitive layer conforms to the shape of the foot and optimises distribution of weight to prevent pressure concentrations in weight-bearing areas of the foot.
EVA: Ultra-light EVA foam provides superior cushioning while walking and running, ideal for days spent on your feet.
Heel Chassis: The thermoplastic component helps stabilise the ankle joints during foot strike. This properly guides the foot during every ground contact from heel to toe.
Gel Heel Insert: The heel inserts reduce impact during heel strike while walking and running, with the gel absorbing some of the force.
EVA Arch Pad: The EVA foam provides support, control and alignment for the foot and body.
EVA Metatarsal Pads: EVA foam improves weight distribution, cushions the feet, and protects the ball of the foot.
What Are the Benefits of Poron?
OrthoSole insoles contain a layer of Poron. Poron offers enhanced shock absorption while remaining lightweight and soft, ensuring you can receive the best protection without compromise to comfort.

Can I Wear the Max Insoles on Top of My Existing Insoles?
If the existing insoles in your footwear cannot be removed, you can wear the OrthoSole Max Insoles on top of them. Make sure that the insoles fit snugly in the shoes, and that there remains sufficient wiggle room around your toes.

How Should I Clean the OrthoSole Insoles?
The Max Cushion Insoles should be cleaned regularly to ensure shoe hygiene is maintained. To clean, simply hand wash with a warm, damp cloth and mild soap. Allow to air dry and place the insoles back inside shoes.

Please note that these insoles should not be machine washed, bleached, or ironed.

How Long Should These Insoles Last?
OrthoSole insoles typically last for an average of 12 months. However, this does depend on individual and environmental factors, such as body weight and the activities the insoles are used for. We recommend that the insoles are replaced every 12 months for optimum support.

Do I Need to Break In These Women's Insoles?
The Max Cushion Insoles do not need to be broken in. They should be worn for at least two minutes to allow them to conform to the individual shape of your feet though, and this also gives you time to decide on the most comfortable support pad combination.