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Spirularin Full Product Range

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Natural, clinically proven solutions for; warts, fungal nail infections, eczema, dermatitis, athlete’s foot, diabetic feet, thanks to the antimicrobial protection of marina algae.

Developed in Germany in collaboration with leading podiatrists and dermatologists, the Spirularin® range is based on the key ingredient Spiralin®, an active extract of microalgae.

Hundreds of microalgae strains have been screened in respect of their antimicrobial activities. Only Spiralin® proved a unique efficacy profile with potency against fungi, viruses and bacteria.

Within the Spirularin® range, Spiralin® is combined with high-quality, moisturising ingredients to create a highly active dual-action formulation.

Spirularin® products are already highly regarded by dermatologists and podiatrists worldwide, for their innovative and natural approach to addressing warts (pain & wound free), as well as stubborn fungal infections.

Spirularin nail serum has been developed for nail care and regeneration of fungal nail infections.

The active microalgae extract Spiralin® protects cells with its broad protection profile against bacterial, viral and fungal pathogens, which reduces the risk of re-infection. Next to this microbial protection, Spiralin also accelerates human cell regeneration and improves the natural skin barrier.

High-quality nurturing ingredients (e.g. hamamelis & jojoba oil) stabilise the impaired skin barrier, which is particularly important for patients that are prone to infections/immune-weakened (i.e. patients with diabetes, injuries, sensitive/dry skin).

Warts are caused by the HPV virus, and can be painful and unsightly. Spirularin Wart Cream has been designed to painlessly treat warts. This treatment is especially good for young children, and those with very sensitive feet.

Spiralin®, an active microalgae extract protects cells with its broad protection profile against bacterial, viral and fungal pathogens. Special glucose molecules (polysaccharides) contained in Spiralin cover the healthy skin cells with a kind of ‘protective film‘, which prevents viruses from entering into healthy cells. With regular application, non-infected cells are protected until all infected cells have disappeared because of the skin’s natural regenerative effect, or until all exterior risks of contagion (e.g. swimming pool) have ceased to exist.

High-quality nurturing ingredients such as sunflower oil, willow bark extract and zinc sulfate achieve a new balance for skin at risk of developing warts.

Spirularin Mousse

Once the natural skin barrier is attacked, germs and bacteria have easy access. To prevent this, it is important to strengthen its natural protection in good time and, above all, regularly. The special formulation of the Spirularin Mousse and Spirularin Gel compensates for the moisture deficit , the microalgae ingredient Spiralin offers the corresponding antibacterial protection. The mousse also contains 10% urea for special care for very dry, sensitive skin or feet. Recommended by podiatrists!