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Vionic 3/4 Insoles

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A cost-effective alternative to custom-made orthotics
This orthotic insert has been developed by Philip J Vasyli - an internationally renowned podiatrist and inventor of leading biomechanical orthotics.

It’s designed to provide support and control, which helps reduce over-pronation (where the foot rolls in too much). This in turn can relieve many of the aches and pains associated with poor lower limb alignment such as heel pain (including plantar fasciitis), knee pain, lower back pain and tired, aching legs.

This 3/4 length design with patented lateral cutaway takes up less room - making it ideal for all types of regular men’s and women’s (low heeled) footwear.

Why you’ll love Vionic Unisex ¾ Length Orthotics...
Pre-moulded and ready-to-use orthotic - modification is not needed
Features foot motion technology to realign the feet and lower body
Built-in 4 degree rearfoot wedge provides support and control to help reduce over-pronation
Contoured around the heel and arch to achieve 100% foot contact
Cushioned heel insert for added shock absorption
Can be trimmed in the forefoot if necessary
Advanced technology and premium-quality materials
Also available in a full length version. Please click here for details.

Size details
Women -
Extra Small(XS) - fits shoe sizes 3 to 4.5
Small(S) - fits shoe sizes 5 to 6.5
Medium(M) - fits shoe sizes 7 to 8.5
Large(L) - fits shoe sizes 9 to 10
Extra Large(XL) - Not suitable
Men -
Extra Small(XS) - Not suitable
Small(S) - fits shoe sizes 4.5 - 6
Medium(M) - fits shoe sizes 6.5 - 8
Large(L) - fits shoe sizes 8.5 - 10
Extra Large(XL) - fits shoe sizes 10.5 - 12